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top ten tour

For many of us, it has become challenging to do the things we enjoy right now. In the name of safety, public spaces and events have been radically altered or cancelled altogether. But while we at the NL Pharmacy Museum have unfortunately not been able to open our doors to visitors as we have in years past, we are determined to find a way to continue sharing our stories and histories with all of you.


In that spirit, we’d like to welcome you to our Top Ten Tour, a brand-new way to experience some of what the NL Pharmacy Museum has to offer from the comfort of your own home. We’ve chosen ten items that we feel give a good overview of our collection and we hope that you have fun learning about them. The tour is designed as a game of eye-spy, so you’ll only see small glimpses of the objects on this page.


Pick the image that looks most interesting to you, click on it, and see where it takes you!


staff favourites

Choosing only ten of the most interesting objects was quite a feat, and we had to leave a lot of great items on the cutting room floor. So, to give you just a taste, we’ve chosen four staff favourite items that inspire us, intrigue us, or just make us laugh. So, if you’re still looking for a little more history after our top ten, choose a staff favourite and enjoy!


Thank You

Many thanks goes to our 2020 Canada Summer Jobs employee Liam McShane for his research and curation of this exhibit. 

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